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What People Are Saying About Playmakers Elite

Vaoesea Myra Iese

""My son; the actual client is who is giving this rating after 2 workouts. The first workout ; my son died and was in tears and barely completed the hour; 40min. Took him home and ran an ice cold bath for him. I saw other kids standing near me in a corner watching my son and they were silently cheering him on, one even whispered to me not to worry, he will be fine. My son spent the next several hours preparing for the next days workout. He completed the hour and came back and told me, that coach Mike was great because he pushes me, encourages me, teaching me to visualize to push past the pain, all without shouting down at me. For this feedback I personally give this place a 5star. We will give another review at Summers end. I've signed two of my sons up for his program.""

Nydia Ramos

" I am trying out for the Women's Professional Soccer League and I needed a personal trainer. I found Mike and I couldn't have found a better trainer to get me ready! He pushed all my limits and limits that I did not know I even had. Very sore, but it never felt so good! Thanks MIKE for believing in me.""

Shandyn Foster

"" This place has it all, for all levels of fitness. The trainers are knowledgeable, inspiring and motivating. If you're looking for a different type of workout that burns the maximum calories and gets you were you need to be THIS is the place! They train everyone from high school athletes, pro athletes, college athletes to out of shape Moms like myself lol, or I shape Moms and Dads... but they will have you feeling like you still got it! Check them out! Well worth it! ""

Fred Otis Amey

"" Mike was one of the main reasons I made it to the NFL. He pushed me everyday to go harder & it made a difference! When I played in the Arena League & scored 50 TDs in 16 games I had been training with Mike. Solid dude. Revolutionary drills & coaching.""

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